History of Alexandria

The main house was built over a period of approximately 10 years from about 1905 by Charles Ernest Husband (1867-1938) for his family. Charles was a civil engineer and spent time in India with the Royal Ghurka Rifles. His wife and son died in 1914. Charles met his second wife, Nellie Perrin, in Wynyard and they had three daughters. They moved to Launceston in approximately 1930.

The style of the house is typically known as “Federation” and due to Charles’ time in India, he named the house “Nebudda”.

The current name “Alexandria” was given to the house in 1985 when it was converted into a Bed and Breakfast. Alexandria is the name of the early settlement which was positioned on this parcel of land on which the house now stands today. The settlement is described in the book Vanishing Towns: Tasmania’s Ghost Towns and Settlements by Michael Holmes:

“Around 1851 the small settlement of Alexandria developed north of the present Table Cape bridge near Wynyard. Alexandria included a general store, a draper’s shop, a shoemakers shop, a blacksmith and Alexander’s Hotel. The settlement disappeared in the 1860s, following the opening of the first bridge across the Inglis River in 1861.”

First Settlers of the Area – The Alexanders

The Alexander brothers (Joseph, Matthias and John) settled in the area after being transported from Wiltshire, U.K., in 1831 for a period of 7 years for their involvement in the Luddite Riots. They were given a free pardon in 1836.

Joseph Alexander built the first hotel (Table Cape Inn) here in 1852 and his brother Matthias managed it until his death in 1865. Adventures involving the hotel are recorded, including one concerning piracy. It is said that the hotel was destroyed by fire in the 1880’s. Currently there has been no luck in finding a photo of the Hotel.

John Alexander and his two brothers commissioned the first ship to be built on the Inglis River in 1851, and named it “The Alexander.” It was a small schooner used for produce and timber trading, and it was said to have been built about a mile up river of the present “Alexandria.”

F.M Alexander (1869 – 1955)

Frederick Mathias (F.M) Alexander, grandson of Matthias Alexander, developed the “Alexander Technique” – a process that teaches how to properly coordinate body and mind to release harmful tension and to improve posture, coordination and general health.

Many people have visited Alexandria in the mistaken belief it was the home of F.M Alexander. He was born in the district, but resided until his teens, further up on Table Cape before moving to Melbourne in 1904 and then to England.

Owners and Stories of Alexandria

Captain Kuipers bought the house from the Charles Husband and his family about 1930.They had a small dairy farm here. The next owners were the Bauld family. Llewellyn and his two sisters purchased it about 1939. “Lew” Bauld was the Warden of Wynyard for a number of years.

There have been stories told to us that in the 20’s a tasmanian tiger was brought to house here before it was transported to the London Zoo!

In the 50’s one of the Bauld sisters used to teach piano lessons in the lounge room which apparently had floor to ceiling wood carvings around the fireplace. Apparently the garden was so overgrown at the front fence and up the steps that it was quite scary for small children to access the house and they also used the hedge for cover during rain waiting for the school bus on the corner.

Roy (‘Jim’) Alexander (descendent of Matthias Alexander) realised a long held desire to live in the house when he purchased it in 1968. He restored much of the house, including the extension of the dining room, and established the Bed and Breakfast facilities in 1985 and built the garden cottage in 1992.

He also set up the unique BBQ fixture, obtaining its facade from the demolition of a local bank in the 1973 which is where the Floor and Wall FX building (originally an ANZ bank) now stands. The majority of the grounds and gardens as you see today were developed during Roy’s ownership and the pool is the oldest residential pool in NW Tasmania. The paddocks were used to house peacocks and other exotic birds and Tasmanian Grey kangaroos. Roy died in 1995.

Many changes have occurred since Roy’s time in particular inside of the house with each owner putting their mark on the house but the outside has relatively stayed the same as can be seen in the photos from the 20’s and 1939. We are the 4th owners since Roy’s time. Our long term dream is to restore Alexandria highlighting its features and continue it to be part of the community like it always has been.

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